What is required to reserve our wedding date with you?
A non-refundable retainer of $500 is required to secure your wedding date.  Bookings are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis.  I do not require a deposit to book an engagement session.

When will we be able to see our wedding photos?
Digital processing takes approximately 4-6 weeks.  Your wedding package to include a thumbvdrive and prints will be sent upon receiving your mailing address.  You will also receive a password protected online gallery/slideshow of your wedding photos 4-6 weeks after your wedding to share with family and friends.  Anyone can order prints through this gallery.  The gallery will be available for up to a year after you receive the photographs.

Do you provide the high-resolution photos?
Absolutely! All images delivered to you are fully edited and color corrected in high and low resolution.  You will receive the images in 4 formats - color for printing (300dpi), color in web resolution (72dpi), black and white for printing (300dpi), and black and white in web resolution (72dpi).

Will you, Kyle Hale, be photographing the wedding, or will someone else?
I photograph 100% of all weddings I book. 

Do you work with an assistant or 2nd shooter?
I currently do not use an assistant at weddings I shoot.  I offer the option to book a professional 2nd shooter for an additional $550 fee.  I will deliver an additional 200 photos from the 2nd shooter that are edited by me.

Do you have insurance for your photography service?
Yes, I have business liability insurance with Traveler’s insurance.  Please let me know if you or your venue require proof of insurance.

Do you take any family photos at the wedding?
Yes, my wedding package includes family shots in every possible combination you and I can come up with together. It is strongly  encouraged that a family shot list is provided to me before the wedding and that you tell your officiant and family members to stick around for pictures immediately following the ceremony. The less time spent chasing down family members for pictures means more time for pictures for you and your significant other.

What should we wear or bring to our engagement/portrait session?
Whatever you feel comfortable in and whatever style that best suits you.  I advise clients to be themselves and to think what about how they would like to look back on these images in the years to come.  I don’t mind doing styled shoots, but I reserve the right to say ‘No’ to certain styles of shoots to preserve my artistic integrity.

Can I upload my engagement/portrait and/or wedding photos to online sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr, etc once I receive the DVD(s)?
Yes, you can upload the images wherever you like online.  Please note that these images are only for personal use, and not for the use of gaining profit by selling to a company as outlined in my contract.  I also request that any images uploaded online provide photo credit to Kyle Hale, and if you are feeling generous, a link back to my website www.kylehale.net (support small business!)

What kind of equipment do you use?
All Nikon professional camera equipment including a Nikon D800 and D700, 24mm f/1.4, 35mm f/1.4, 45mm TS-E, 50mm f/1.4, 85mm f/1.4, 70-200 f/2.8, 24-70mm f/2.8, SB600 speedlights, pocket wizards, Mac Pro, Lightroom, Photoshop, and backup equipment in case of equipment failure.

Do you give us or offer the option to purchase the RAW files or undelivered JPEG’s?
Unfortunately, I do not offer or sell my RAW files or undelivered JPEG’s of your engagement/portrait session and/or wedding.  The photos that I deliver are the best photos that I have spent a large number of hours editing to select the best ones for you.

Do you edit or 'photoshop' any of our photos, i.e. blemishes, unflattering angles?
I do edit images to an extent in my workflow.  If there is an unflattering angle, you will never see this photo.  If there are noticeable blemishes in close-up shots, they will be removed.  It is very important that brides either hire a professional hair and make up artist, or have someone equally capable to do the job.  It's always a better idea to be proactive regarding makeup, rather than the photographer attempt to 'photoshop' imperfections.  I will re-edit photos after they have been delivered at a cost that is agreed upon. 

How many photos will we receive from an engagement session and/or wedding?
A minimum of 100 photos from your engagement session and a minimum of 500 images from your wedding day.  I typically deliver more photos than what is listed, but I offer these numbers as a base amount and guarantee of photos I provide.

How many hours of coverage do we receive from you as our photographer for our engagement session and/or wedding day?
For your engagement or portrait session, you will receive approx 2 hours of coverage. I typically provide locations for clients, but location suggestions are always welcomed!
For your wedding day, my coverage is limited to 10 hours.

Do you travel for weddings?
You bet!  I have traveled across the entire U.S.A and internationally for a number of weddings.  I do require airfare, transportation to and from airport and lodging to be provided.  I’m very easy to accommodate, so even a couch will do just fine!

Do you offer  wedding albums?
I currently outsource my albums to a few professional vendors.  Please use my contact form if you have more questions about albums for your wedding day.

Can wedding guests take photos while you are taking photos during the ceremony and after the ceremony?
Absolutely.  I don’t mind relatives taking pictures at all.  However, if someone is obstructing a view that I may need to use to take a photograph, I will kindly ask them to move. 

When is the final payment due?
The final payment for wedding photography is due on the day of the wedding.  Any additional services such as rehearsal dinner, 2nd photographer, cost of gas, venue or parking fees, sales tax (applicable to Georgia residents) will be included in the final invoice. The final payment for engagement photography is due on the day of the session.  Sales tax applies to both wedding and engagement photography if you are a Georgia resident.

Any additional questions, please contact me at kyle.hale@gmail.com